Dog Day Boarding

Dog Sitting - Horshams Crazy Dog LadyIf you are working long hours and an hours walk per day just isn't going to keep your dog happy and content or maybe your dog suffers from separation anxiety then maybe my dog sitting service is exactly what you are looking for.

I can pick your dog up from your home at around 9am where I will take your dog back to my home to spend the day with us. They will be walked and have plenty of time to play with other dogs and they will be cared for as if they were at home.

They will also have the company of my Bertie and free run of my house and garden. I will drop your dog back to your house around 5pm. Alternatively you can drop your dog to me before you go to work and then pick them up on your way home.

I will try to be as flexible as I can after all I'm here to help.

Licence Number: L1/15/0219/HOMEB

Dog Sitting - Horshams Crazy Dog Lady